29 October 2007

Psalm for a blogging experience

Dear Friends --
How does a non-techhie Friend get linked to you? Blogging and connecting with other Friends around the globe is so appealing to me, yet so elusive.

Like my early experiences of connecting with God in worship, you are so close yet so far away.

I have been searching the web for you, reading, occasionally commenting, writing here, even praying and meditating, yet you elude me.

Even though I cry out for you, I am lost in the wilderness of the online experience, and I cannot reach you. Where are you? What can I do to connect to you?

I will trust in the Lord my God to help me. In all other things he has answered me. I will seek the light and become more quiet. I am listening, Lord.


  1. Linda,
    Since you've found my blog, I'm guessing that you've discovered quakerquaker.org. That seems to be the meeting place for a wide variety of blogging Friends. I was a "blog seeker" too, for a while but googled my way to a whole community of diverse Quakedom. Welcome!
    Mary Linda

  2. Hi Linda,
    In addition to the wonderful quakerquaker.org, there is another quaker bloglist: quaker.zebby.org. They list all the Quaker blogs they know about in categories according to how often you usually post (this is so the frequent posters don't completely obliterate the less prolific). I already left a message there encouraging them to add your blog. Check them out to discover other Quaker voices.