31 August 2008

A Friends Memorial

A Friend’s Memorial

Filing into meeting,
Whispered words, now quieted.
Every one seems to have their place;
Even those never here before
I sit, expectantly, and listen,
One ear to the silence, one to the voices,
As one by one
The memorializers rise to speak.

I never knew, I muse amazedly,
When was this or where was that?
Each person shares a bit of their loved one
And of themselves.
I see their beloved then,
More clearly than I have ever seen before.
Such bountiful intimacy
Flowing into the pond of pooled consciousness.

We are so blessed to be gathered as one body.
What a gift our departed gives,
To bring us all together here
In ways we never would have found.
In the silence I feel us,
Drawing ever closer
Wrapped in the embrace of
The Dear One.

Feeling the warmth surrounding
I pause in inward prayer, to who?
To God of course,
The ever present Light.
And yet who else is here?
I see the silky shadows of so many passed.
I feel their presence next to mine
And tearful, settle deep to hear their whispers

We are so blessed
Gathered in the presence of friends
Both new and old, known and not,
Both here and long since gone.
I bask in the light of wisdom passed
From ageless soul to yearning heart.
And bathe in the pool of
Deep cool restfulness and grace.